Another Year of Amazing Results for Baylis Court Students

Having attended a Justin Craig residential revision course, Baylis Court School GCSE students were yet again celebrating fantastic GCSE results and huge grade improvements in 2017.

Like 2016, Baylis Court School sent a group of GCSE students to Justin Craig revision courses to study a range of subjects, including all the core subjects of Science, Maths and English.

The results speak for themselves and demonstrate the significant value and effectiveness of Justin Craig’s approach and expertise in helping students improve their performance and exam results. Similar to the 2016 cohort of students, the average increase was an impressive 2 grades. With an average improvement of nearly 4 grades, the achievement of maths students is particularly noteworthy, as many schools and students struggled with the introduction of the new, more demanding curriculum.

For Dr David Crouch, independent education consultant “the Baylis Court/ Justin Craig partnership is an excellent example of how using external tuition can be a highly effective strategy for helping students from falling behind and maximising their performance in exams” .

For Baylis Court School, the rationale for partnering with JCE was “to improve pupil premium students’ grades after discouraging mocks”. With an average improvement of 2 grades, the school was delighted “It far surpassed our expectations, with everyone achieving grade improvements.”

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