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Student Review: A level Chemistry

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About me Hi! I’m Jess and I went on a three day A Level Chemistry residential course during Easter. Now I’m at Leeds University studying Business Analytics; three months in and I couldn’t be happier! I studied Maths, Chemistry and Physics at A level. In Year 13, I realised I needed extra help to get… Read More »

3 Way to Help Students Deal with Stress

Our expert tutor, Margaret-Mary, talks both students and parents through some examples of stress, with strategies to help. Using her knowledge from a tutor and a student viewpoint, Margaret-Mary uses real-life examples and situations. “Students deal with stress. If you are a parent or teacher, or even a student yourself, you will know exactly what… Read More »

Disappointing Mock Results?

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For many students, the mock exam results and school parent evenings will provide reassurance that they are on track to achieve their target GCSE or A Level grades this summer. Many others, however, will be disappointed or, even worse, be in a state of shock or feeling very stressed, especially after a very difficult two… Read More »

When Should You Start Revising for GCSEs and A Levels?

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When should you start revising for GCSEs and A Levels? For a generation of students used to updating their Instagram status every few minutes, the summer exams may seem like a long time away. But add up everything that needs to be done between now and then – from rereading (or just reading) Great Expectations… Read More »

Wesley’s story: Improving Grades

From revision student to a Course Assistant – Improved Grades & a great work experience! My experience with Justin Craig started off in Year 10, when I attended a course. From the first session I was nervous because I had never been an academic student. My predicted grades were C/D’s at most and I knew… Read More »

Christmas – A Time To Revise

Lucy Parsons

Why you shouldn’t skimp on Christmas holiday revision It’s the end of a long, hard term. We’re in deep winter. Everyone else is getting ready to kick-back and enjoy the Christmas festivities – but you’ve got mocks to revise for. The temptation is to forget about the revision, relax on the sofa and gorge on… Read More »

How To Revise For Mock Exams

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GCSE and A Level Mocks are an important step in students’ preparation for the summer exams.  As well as providing students with valuable perspective on their readiness to sit the actual exams, mocks provide a great opportunity to try out different revision strategies, identify and address gaps in knowledge and build confidence. It’s common for… Read More »


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Students, Have you ever started something and wished you had been clearer about your objective and wished you had more time so you would not be so stressed? Have you ever wondered why some students seem to achieve their goals with less stress and pain than others? Are you envious of your friends who always… Read More »

Transition to GCSEs or A Level?

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Transitioning to GCSEs or A Levels? With the school year now in full swing, many Year 10 and 12 students are struggling to come to terms with the differences and increased demands of a step up. For Year 10, they need to cover a lot of material over a breadth of subjects, plus possibly playing… Read More »

A Level Revision Course – Student Review

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Hi again – it’s Emma here – don’t worry if you haven’t read my earlier article on the trials and tribulations of being a sixth former, you can still read it here. This time I thought you might like to know how I got on with the Justin Craig Revision Course that my mum was… Read More »