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Exercise and Exam Success

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It’s well known that regular exercise boosts brain health, and a fit brain is generally able to learn, think and remember better. However, during GCSE/ A Level exam season, many students abandon regular exercise or choose other ways of unwinding from revision. For those students that want to maintain their exercise routine, the most common… Read More »

Exam Technique Tips

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Poor exam technique can leave even the brightest GCSE and A Level students with disappointing results. Even if they have followed our revision tips and have an excellent grasp of the content, many students fail to achieve the results they deserve as a result of misreading questions, running out of time, failing to elaborate on points… Read More »

Oliver’s A Level Course Experience

My Justin Craig Course Experience Sceptical, would have been the word to describe my mood halfway through a four hour coach journey to Finchley Road, followed by tube to Watford station. As a seventeen-year-old boy who has been out of formal education for seven months, an intensive three-day course consisting of eighteen total hours of… Read More »

How to motivate Your Child To Revise

Lucy Parsons

“Your child isn’t revising but you can almost hear the clock ticking down the seconds until their exams. You’re tearing your hair out,  sick to death of nagging them to just get on with it. And you’re worried! Worried that your child is going to do much worse than they should and that “doors” will… Read More »

How to Create a Study Plan

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Getting into a good study routine early on in the academic year creates a firm foundation for GCSE and A Level exam success. So what does a “good study routine” entail? Here are our top tips for Year 10-13 students and their parents: Start early and study through the year Try to allocate some time… Read More »

Easter Revision Tips – Student Checklist

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Student Checklist For students approaching GCSEs or A Levels, the Easter holidays are always a crucial time for revision, and the prospect of preparing for these key exams can be daunting. Now is the time to start preparing to make sure your child is ready to start revising and can use the time effectively. Here’s our… Read More »

Tips for exam day – GCSE Sciences

Imagine it is the day of your first Physics GCSE exam. You sit in an exam hall and nervously look up at the clock, watching the seconds tick by. There is a nervous energy in the room, and it is a little bit too quiet considering how many people are crammed into such a small… Read More »

Resilience: A key life skill for students

Helping our children navigate the stresses and strains of daily life is more important than ever. In August 2022, the charity Young Minds reported that the number of young people referred for emergency mental health services had reached a record high, according to the latest NHS data. Why is Resilience Important? Building resilience – the ability… Read More »

3 Way to Help Students Deal with Stress

Our expert tutor, Margaret-Mary, talks both students and parents through some examples of stress, with strategies to help. Using her knowledge from a tutor and a student viewpoint, Margaret-Mary uses real-life examples and situations. “Students deal with stress. If you are a parent or teacher, or even a student yourself, you will know exactly what… Read More »

Student Review -Leonardo

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Experience of Justin Craig Courses We think our courses are fantastic, but we always encourage our students to tell us what it is really like for them. Our student, Leonardo, wanted to share his experience of being on a Justin Craig course so it may help other students, and their parents, decide what is best… Read More »