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GCSE Results Day Advice

Justin Craig study group outside of study centre

On 25th August, hundreds of thousands of UK teenagers are finding out their GCSE results. For those who achieved their desired grades, congratulations! However it won’t be a success story for all and, this year, it’s likely that there will be a higher proportion of students who face disappointment, given the challenges over the last… Read More »

A Level Results Day

2 AS level students smiling together

As A Level Results Day fast approaches, student (and parent) anxiety levels are starting to creep upwards again! Whilst Universities may make a greater number of reduced offers this year due to the challenges of the last few academic years, there will still be students who feel disappointed with their results or may need to… Read More »

Residential Courses – What to Expect

As a pioneer of residential revision courses, we know that courses need to provide students with a good balance between intensive revision and relaxation. There are three key factors which make our residential courses so successful: 1. The best venues, away from the distractions of everyday life All our residential centres are boarding schools with… Read More »

Revision Memory Techniques

memory cloud graphic

In this article we provide revision tips on different techniques to help students identify and retain relevant information making revision sessions more productive. Being confident to try different techniques and identify which works best for you well before you have to use it for the real exams! What to revise Exams mean learning lot of… Read More »

How to Manage Exam Stress – A Detailed Guide

James Davey

James Davey, The Exam Coach, helps secondary school students develop the study skills and exam performance techniques required for exam success. As each person experiences stress differently, James has put together a guide offering a variety of solutions. What is exam stress? Without getting into too much unnecessary detail I reckon the definition below will… Read More »

Revision Plan For GCSEs & A Levels

Female student revising at home with sticky notes on wall, highlighting text on paper

Study leave has started – or is about to start – for A level and GCSE students across the UK. Study leave can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you’ve got time away from the classroom to really focus on revising but on the other hand you’re away from teachers… Read More »

How To Help Your Child With GCSE Revision

Tutor reading textbook next to male student revising

The prospect of exams – and work to be done – can be an overwhelming thought for students, which can lead to feelings of hopelessness or apathy about revising for their exams. When talking to our customers, we often get asked questions regarding parental support during exam season – here are the most common ones,… Read More »

Exam Technique Tips

student studying at desk with textbook and calculator

‘Normal’ GCSE and A Level exams are confirmed as going ahead this Summer – the first in two years! As many students have little experience of external exams, poor exam technique can leave even the brightest GCSE/ A Level students with disappointing results. Even if they have followed our revision tips and have an excellent… Read More »

Easter Revision Tips – Student Checklist

4 students in line revising at desks

Student Checklist For students approaching GCSEs or A Levels, the Easter holidays are always a crucial time for revision, and the prospect of preparing for these key exams can be daunting. This year, Easter is more important than ever as we approach the first external exams in two years. So now is the time to start… Read More »

How to motivate Your Child To Revise

Lucy Parsons

“Your child isn’t revising but you can almost hear the clock ticking down the seconds until their exams. You’re tearing your hair out, sick to death of nagging them to just get on with it. And you’re worried! Worried that your child is going to do much worse than they should and that “doors” will… Read More »