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When Should You Start Revising for GCSEs and A Levels?

tutor explaining topic to 5 A level revision students

When should you start revising for GCSEs and A Levels? For a generation of students used to updating their Instagram status every few minutes, the summer exams may seem like a long time away. But add up everything that needs to be done between now and then – from rereading (or just reading) Great Expectations… Read More »

Assessments & Exams: Help for Students

girl desk looking right hand under chin smiling

Ofqual has confirmed that Summer 2022 GCSE & A Levels will go ahead for the first time in two years. After the recent changing environment and impact on schools and student learning, it’s critical that students stay focused and on track with their studies – this will give them the best chance of success in… Read More »

Christmas – A Time To Revise

Lucy Parsons

Why you shouldn’t skimp on Christmas holiday revision It’s the end of a long, hard term. We’re in deep winter. Everyone else is getting ready to kick-back and enjoy the Christmas festivities (even if they’re curtailed by Covid) – but you’ve got mocks to revise for. The temptation is to forget about the revision, relax… Read More »

How To Revise For Mock Exams

Male tutor in red t-shirt explaining topic to female student in white vest at desk with workbooks

GCSE and A Level Mocks are an important step in students’ preparation for the summer exams. As well as providing students with some perspective on their readiness to sit the actual exams, it also provides a great opportunity to try out different revision strategies. This year, Mocks will be more important than ever due to… Read More »

Transition to GCSEs or A Level?

Female student wearing headband and writing at desk

Transitioning to GCSEs or A Levels? With the school year now in full swing, many Year 10 and 12 students are struggling to come to terms with the differences and increased demands of a step up. For Year 10, they need to cover a lot of material over a breadth of subjects, plus possibly playing… Read More »

The Mindset for Academic Success

Lucy Parsons

Big challenges for students in years 10, 11, 12 and 13. The coronavirus lockdowns and school closures have created big challenges for students in years 10, 11, 12 and 13. Even if they’ve been working diligently at home they will feel there has been a big gap in their learning because of the time they… Read More »

A Level Results Day

2 AS level students smiling together

As A Level Results Day fast approaches, student (and parent) anxiety levels are starting to creep upwards again! Whilst Universities may make a greater number of reduced offers this year due to the challenges of the last two academic years, there will still be students who feel disappointed with their results or may need to… Read More »

GCSE Results Day Advice

Justin Craig study group outside of study centre

On 12th August, hundreds of thousands of UK teenagers are finding out their GCSE results. For those who achieved their desired grades, congratulations! However it won’t be a success story for all and, this year, it’s likely that there will be a higher proportion of students who face disappointment, given the challenges over the last… Read More »

Residential Courses – What to Expect

As a pioneer of residential revision courses, we know that courses need to provide students with a good balance between intensive revision and relaxation. There are three key factors which make our residential courses so successful: 1. The best venues, away from the distractions of everyday life All our residential centres are boarding schools with… Read More »

Stepping up to A Levels – A Student’s View

Female student with mum in the background

After the last two challenging school years due to Covid-19, we know that many students will be a little daunted by stepping up for A Levels in September. To help students and parents, we would like to share Emma’s perspective and experience of studying for A Levels. As well as outlining the challenges she faced,… Read More »