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Revision Memory Techniques

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In this article we provide revision tips on different techniques to help students identify and retain relevant information making revision sessions more productive. Being confident to try different techniques and identify which works best for you well before you have to use it for the real exams! What to revise Exams mean learning lot of… Read More »

How to Manage Exam Stress – A Detailed Guide

James Davey

James Davey, The Exam Coach, helps secondary school students develop the study skills and exam performance techniques required for exam success. As each person experiences stress differently, James has put together a guide offering a variety of solutions. What is exam stress? Without getting into too much unnecessary detail I reckon the definition below will… Read More »

How To Help Your Child With GCSE and A Level Revision

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The prospect of exams – and work to be done – can be an overwhelming thought for students, which can lead to feelings of hopelessness or apathy about revising for their exams. When talking to our customers, we often get asked questions regarding parental support during exam season – here are the most common ones,… Read More »

Exam Technique Tips

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Poor exam technique can leave even the brightest GCSE/ A Level students with disappointing results. Even if they have followed our revision tips and have an excellent grasp of the content, many students fail to achieve the results they deserve as a result of misreading questions, running out of time, failing to elaborate on points… Read More »

10 Reasons Why May Revision Courses Are So Popular

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We are seeing a surge in demand for our courses in May, for both GCSE and A Level students. While we believe this is partly due to students needing more help with exam techniques and grade challenges this year, here are the most common reasons mentioned by customers – do any of these sound familiar… Read More »

Easter Revision Tips – Student Checklist

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Student Checklist For students approaching GCSEs or A Levels, the Easter holidays are always a crucial time for revision, and the prospect of preparing for these key exams can be daunting. Now is the time to start preparing to make sure your child is ready to start revising and can use the time effectively. Here’s our… Read More »

Oliver’s A Level Course Experience

My Justin Craig Course Experience Sceptical, would have been the word to describe my mood halfway through a four hour coach journey to Finchley Road, followed by tube to Watford station. As a seventeen-year-old boy who has been out of formal education for seven months, an intensive three-day course consisting of eighteen total hours of… Read More »

A Level Business – Study, Revision & Exam Advice

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A Level Business – all specifications Our expert tutor, Chris, explains how students can improve their study, revision, and, ultimately, exam grades with the approaches below. In this case, A Level Business, but the approaches remain the same for most subjects. The choice of A Level Business requires students to have an active interest in… Read More »

Kick Start Easter Revision

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Worrying about the lack of GCSE/ A Level revision so far? Don’t panic, it’s not too late for students to kick start their revision over the Easter Holidays and ace their summer exams. As a parent, it’s often a tricky area to broach revision with students. Procrastination on how and when to start revising is… Read More »

How to Avoid Common Exam Mistakes at A Level

Here are a few guidelines from our expert tutor, David, to help you to avoid some of the most common pitfalls that A-Level students encounter, using the example of Geography. Misreading exam questions. If I had a pound for every time I have read an answer on volcanoes when the question is asking about earthquakes… Read More »