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The Mindset for Academic Success Post-Lockdown

Big challenges for students in years 10, 11, 12 and 13. The coronavirus lockdown and school closures have created big challenges for students in years 10, 11, 12 and 13. Even if they’ve been working diligently at home they will feel there has been a big gap in their learning because of the time they… Read More »

New Portfolio – Tuition & Revision Courses

Cheethams School - A Justin Craig Revision Centre

Greater Tuition & Revision Flexibility from Justin Craig. First of all, Good Luck to all students receiving exam results this month! We are delighted to introduce Justin Craig Education’s whole new portfolio of Tuition and Revision Courses, providing greater flexibility to meet the needs of students throughout the academic year. The pandemic has fast-tracked many… Read More »

GCSE & A Level – Your Results, Grade Appeal and Autumn Exams

Many Justin Craig customers have enquired about revision courses in preparation for autumn GCSE and A Level examinations for their children. Ofqual have now published details about exam results and the next steps if you want to appeal your grades. To help you, we have highlighted some key points below. How Are Predicted Grades Calculated?… Read More »

Uni or a Gap Year for 2020-21?

Starting University this Autumn? Or thinking of taking a Gap Year? It may be a very different experience from usual for new students. After a final school year cut short, with no exams, no proms, no leavers’ assemblies and an A level results day that will surely lack the usual emotional highs and lows, the… Read More »

Personal Statement Advice in a Year Like No Other

Personal Statement advice in a year like no other You don’t need me to tell you that this academic year has been like no other, with the closure of schools to most students and the cancellation of exams. Year 12 has been something of a forgotten year group in all of this – and some… Read More »

Your GCSE and A Level Lockdown Learning Catch-Up Plan

Your GCSE  & A Level Lockdown Learning Catch-Up Plan No matter how hard your child has tried to keep up with their lockdown learning, it’s almost certain that there’s something missing from their education that would have been learned or developed if they were in school. And, as many students have been turned off learning… Read More »

Years 10 & 12 – The Forgotten Years?

The concern of students in Year 10 and 12 being forgotten is a common refrain amongst both parents and students in these years following the shutdown of schools in March. With #gcses2021 and #alevels2021 trending, with many tagging their exam boards, messaging does give a feel of students really struggling. Year 12 “We can’t go… Read More »

Student Exam Grade Concerns – Predicted Grades Not Good Enough

A Level & GCSE Standardised Grades The Sutton Trust conducted a survey amongst A Level students about their concerns for the grading system adopted during the Coronavirus crisis: 43% of students polled believe their grades would be adversely affected using this system. 72% felt the new system was less fair than in a normal year.… Read More »

NEW: May Half Term Courses GCSE & A Level

Cheethams School - A Justin Craig Revision Centre

Online Courses – May Half Term Owing to the success of our online courses during the original Easter holidays, Justin Craig are offering courses for Years 10-12. These courses will maintain momentum, increase study skills and fill knowledge gaps. Our expert and experienced tutors will also ensure that students are prepared for when schools re-open,… Read More »