Our Revision Centres

Our centres are specially selected schools with a great reputation, a safe environment and modern facilities. We aim for a warm and stimulating atmosphere to help students relax and make friends, as well as work. They have been chosen so that they are in easy reach by public transport or by car and at the end of the course, we ensure that all students are on their homeward journey.


Our classrooms are equipped with modern equipment and are located together with the Course Director’s office and the student break/lunch areas, to make it easier for students to navigate their way around.

Residential Option

Some of our centres offer a residential option. These centres are boarding schools with excellent facilities, providing a comfortable and pleasant experience for students. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of students, all our centres, including the accommodation, are supervised by our Course Directors and their staff.

Continuing COVID-19 Precautions at our Centres

Whilst most COVID restrictions have been lifted in society, at our Justin Craig centres we are continuing with some safety measures to protect students, as follows:

  • We will continue to provide disinfectant hand gel in the classrooms and encourage frequent hand-washing especially before touching food.
  • We support the wearing of face masks, whilst walking around the centre.
  • Classroom windows will be opened to increase ventilation where the room temperature allows.
  • Classroom desks will be separated where space allows.
  • Door handles and other frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected on a daily basis.
  • We would appreciate it if all students took a Lateral Flow Test on the day before attending and only attend if the test gives a negative result. Please contact us if the test is positive ([email protected]).
  • Students will be monitored for symptoms and will be asked to take a Lateral Flow Test at the centre if we have any concerns.

Information About Specific Centres

Our centres are listed below with links to dates and courses available. Do contact us for the best option for your preferred course subject, dates and location.
Click on the centre name for further details.