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Our tutors are secondary school teachers who excel in their subject, specialising in GCSE and A Level subjects. We believe that qualified and experienced teachers bring so much more to the classroom than just subject knowledge. 97% of our tutors work in mainstream education, with many examiners and Heads of Department. All have up to date knowledge of the curriculum and exam requirements, and create a lively, vibrant and inclusive class environment.
Justin Craig teachers are continually monitored and assessed in respect of safeguarding, approach and performance, so that we recruit and retain only the best. We get excellent feedback from students, parents and teachers about our courses with over 90% of students stating that their course substantially met their learning needs.

“Our tutor was really good, I asked for him specifically because he helped massively last year. He gives good feedback and information and echoes what I’ve been telling the pupils about skills and ways to hit the marks but he does it in his own way which reinforces what needs to be done. I cannot speak highly enough of his resources and his work. Everyone at Justin Craig has been so helpful and understanding – you should all be proud of your customer service and work.”

Erhan Bora, Chesham

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Psychology tutor Lyndsey Hayes

Psychology Tutor

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