Daily Mail Article: Sarah Harris with Justin Craig

WITH the school year now in full swing, many Year 12 students are struggling to come to terms with the differences and increased demands of being a Sixth Former.

Despite studying fewer subjects, the subject content is significantly greater; it’s also much harder, requiring teenagers to display new and enhanced exam and study skills. When combined with the need for students to work much more independently and deal with a multitude of demands on their time, it’s no surprise that so many students find the transition to A-Level challenging.

Dr David Crouch, at Justin Craig Education, believes preparation is the key. He said: ‘A good rule of thumb is to spend an hour rewriting or going through your notes for every hour of ‘academic study’ in your lessons. ‘Some students find it easier to revise from notes they have written themselves rather than from a text book. Either way the more you familiarise yourself with the material the easier it will be at the end of the course.’

‘Try to set aside a regular time each week to focus on each subject outside of the lesson and stick to it. ‘Many students find doing this in groups helps motivate them to stick to the schedule and makes it more enjoyable but beware to remove distractions such as TV and phones when you do it.’

His other top tips include:

  • Be mentally prepared by acknowledging that Year 12 is a big shift. In particular, it’s important to ask for help if needed and seek help sooner rather than later.
  • By using a diary/planner and getting into a good study routine, students can help make the most of their precious time and keep track of deadlines.
  • Revise throughout the year rather than just in the run up to exams.
  • Use ‘free periods’ wisely. Whilst tempting to chat with friends, free periods should be thought of as study time and planned ahead.
  • Look at curriculum and assessment objectives – they are available for every subject and an invaluable tool for students as they set out exactly what and how they are going to be assessed.

Dr Crouch added: ‘Whatever revision method you use, make sure it works for you and don’t leave preparation until the very last minute.’