GCSE & A Level Online Courses – Summer Term

Justin Craig Education will be offering a range of online courses to support students during this uncertain period of school closures, to maintain momentum and to allow students to prepare for the next step.

These courses have been adapted for online delivery, to ensure we continue to offer the following Justin Craig benefits:

  • Small class sizes, no more than 8 students
  • Our tutors are all experienced and qualified teachers (We don’t use university students)
  • Quality monitoring during classes, by our Course Directors
  • Stringent safeguarding measures – all tutors have three-yearly DBS checks

Please note all our courses will be safe-guarded and monitored by a full Justin Craig Team, headed by a Course Director.

Summer Term Online Tuition Courses

We are offering the following options during the Summer Term:

  Year Group   Online Courses
  Year 10   Getting Ahead – Preparation for Year 11
  Year 11   Bridging the Gap to A Level Maths
  Year 12   Getting Ahead – Preparation for Year 13

Online Schooling For Year 10 Students

Getting Ahead – Preparation for Year 11 

In order to maintain students’ momentum for their GCSE studies, we are offering a package of five subjects over 5 days, focusing on consolidating knowledge from Year 10 and giving an introduction to Year 11 content.

Each day will include 3 hours of tuition.

For example, students will study:

  • Monday – Biology
  • Tuesday – Chemistry
  • Wednesday – Physics
  • Thursday – Maths
  • Friday – English

Remote Learning For Year 11 Students

Bridging the Gap to A level Maths

As many students find the step up for maths from GCSE to A Level particularly challenging, we are offering a five- day course for students planning to take Maths A level.

The focus of this course will be to ensure that students have a strong foundation in the core GCSE topics which are used at A level, as well as getting ahead with some of the A level topics in preparation for year 12.

Each day will include 3 hours of tuition.

There are opportunities to run bridging courses in other subjects. Please contact for further information.

E-Learning For Year 12 Students

‘Getting Ahead’ in Preparation for Year 13

As the studies become more in-depth in Year 13, we are offering a course to help Year 12 students get ahead and be better prepared for their final year, and exams.

This is a five-day course (Monday to Friday) in a specific subject.

Each day will include 3 hours of tuition.

Initial courses will be run for the sciences and Maths, but there are opportunities for other subjects.

Summer Holiday Online Courses

More information about our online courses running over the summer holidays.

Other E-Learning Courses

If you have other learning needs that are not catered for by the courses above, please let us know because we may be able to offer a new course.

As the Government has stated that there will be an opportunity to sit exams in the Autumn, it is likely that we will also run a programme of exam revision courses during the summer holiday.

To book or for further information, please email [email protected] or call 01727 744340.