Residential Courses – What to Expect

As a pioneer of residential revision courses, we know that courses need to provide students with a good balance between intensive revision and relaxation. There are three key factors which make our residential courses so successful:

1. The best venues, away from the distractions of everyday life

All our residential centres are boarding schools with excellent facilities, providing a comfortable and pleasant experience for students. In addition to excellent teaching facilities, all our venues offer comfortable bedrooms, extensive outside space, a spacious student lounge and healthy, nutritious meals.

2. Experienced, friendly staff onsite 24/7

To ensure the safety and well being of students, our team comprising of friendly Course Assistants, led by an experienced Course Director, is located on site 24/7. Overnight, student accommodation is supervised by resident house teachers. This team helps students settle into their course, dealing with any questions arising from parents or students. All our Course Assistants are past Justin Craig students so can relate to the ups and downs of being a GCSE/A Level student.

3. Opportunities for relaxation, socialising and fun

We do everything we can to create a relaxed, informal environment as we know this increases the group rapport and helps students get the most from the experience. A mixture of evening activities will be provided for residential students including access to the sports facilities, film nights, team games and 5 a-side footie.

Course Outcomes

At the end of their residential revision course, your child may well feel quite tired due to the intensive learning and revision. In addition to making significant academic progress in a short period, the vast majority of students will also feel re-energised and much more confident about their forthcoming exams. Based on student feedback, many also make new friends and informal networks to support each other through their exams.

Here’s Meg’s thoughts about Justin Craig. Meg is one of our Course Assistants, who is currently studying Medicine at Newcastle University.

“I am really enjoying being a Course Assistant and have done a mix of day and residential courses. Looking back to my time as a student, I feel Justin Craig courses helped me feel much better equipped for the exams, with a much deeper understanding of the material and how to apply my knowledge to score maximum marks. On one of the courses, we even set up a Snap Chat group and, on results day, everyone shared their results ”

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