“Studying With The Brain In Mind” Workshop

Thank you to all who joined our special event, led by Bradley Busch from InnerDrive. It was a great evening which, based on your positive feedback, went down extremely well with both parents and students.

During the workshop, Bradley provided some fascinating insights into the teen brain, learning and key student behaviours, including:

• Motivation
• Resilience
• Memory
• Time management
• Stress
• The importance of sleep

InnerDrive provide lots of useful material for parents, teachers and students on their website – here are three of their most relevant articles for Justin Craig parents and students:

1. Key Revision Questions – 2 of the biggest challenges facing students is to know what good revision actually looks like and then bridging the gap between intention and action.

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2. An Introduction to Spacing – spacing out revision is proven to be much more effective than cramming.

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3. Top Revision Strategies – research-based strategies on how students can improve their memory, mood and concentration whilst revising in the run up to exams.

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