Wesley’s story: Improving Grades

From revision student to a Course Assistant – Improved Grades & a great work experience!

My experience with Justin Craig started off in Year 10, when I attended a course. From the first session I was nervous because I had never been an academic student. My predicted grades were C/D’s at most and I knew the classes would have students aiming for higher grades. The Justin Craig class sizes being smaller made it less intimidating and I was more open to ask for help.

Going into year 11 I was struggling because I played basketball and was putting more time and effort into playing than studying. So, I went on more courses as I knew it would help.

The Maths class is one that sticks in my mind, because I was predicted a D at GCSE. I found Maths very hard, but the tutor explained it in a different way than they did at school. This different method helped me understand Maths better and I ended up getting a B grade. A big improvement.

The understanding Justin Craig tutors have is amazing.
Many of them know how to teach in different ways and can adjust to the student they are teaching. This helped with my confidence because I then really believed I had the ability to improve in my GCSE’s. With the help of Justin Craig, I managed to go up a grade in all my subjects achieving B/C’s.

For my A-levels, again, I found the jump hard and because of basketball as well, my grades were falling. Economics was my hardest subject as I didn’t understand it at all – I got a grade E in my mocks.

The Economics A-level teacher at Justin Craig broke the subject down and taught in such a way where everything started clicking. I understood the links between the subject material, and this meant my essay writing improved a lot.

The level of tuition at Justin Craig is incredible! The tutors have a high level of knowledge which is what makes JC courses so effective.
I then wanted to become a Course Assistant (CA) for Justin Craig. This was because from what I experienced, a CA can improve a course for students, especially if they are shy and nervous about initiating conversations.

A CA role involves handling administration for tutors, such as photocopying when needed, or sorting out classrooms for tutors. I also take registration, making sure students have arrived at class.

When working at a summer/residential course, I organise after lesson activities for the students e.g., Rounders, quiz nights and board games, the campfire evening and the odd karaoke session.

Also, a key part of the job is being available for any student that has a problem to ensure they get the best experience possible on the course.
There was a particular circumstance when a student who had been struggling with an external situation, was getting very overwhelmed by it. We were at a centre with lots of grounds, so I decided to walk around the site with him talking to him about my experience, how I had helped myself get through it. This seemed to benefit him and for the rest of the course he seemed to enjoy himself more, getting what he needed out of it. It was great to be able to help.

From being a CA I have learned a lot! Especially being organised as this makes the course run a lot smoother. Also having patience with the students because if a problem does arise, I have found being calmer is more effective in dealing with it.

I am so happy I went on Justin Craig’s revision courses. It is not only about the excellent teaching, but I met a lot of new people, many of whom I am still in contact with. These courses are a great environment to learn and revise and if you’re trying to improve your grades, I’d definitely recommend it!

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