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    GCSE & A Level Revision Courses - Welcome to Justin Craig Education


    We appreciate that exam time is becoming more stressful for families; achieving  good results is getting harder, Universities are placing more emphasis on exam grades and now we have the changes to A and AS level assessments to contend with. In our opinion the key changes that will impact student performance are the importance of GCSEs, now being the only externally marked exam results for UCAS applications, and the significance of end of year 12 exams.


    We believe that we can help work through these challenges. With our knowledge of the new A/As level syllabus and our experienced and empathetic  tutors, we offer up to date structured revision courses that cater for the needs of your child and can make a significant different to their final grades. We have fantastic  GCSE courses and early revision ‘Get Ahead’ courses to set your child on the right path for success.


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    From Saturday the 6th February we will be open for bookings on Saturdays from 10am-4pm and from the 22nd of February we will be open late on weekdays, until 7pm.

     Give us a ring on 0845 06 06 555.

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