10 Reasons Why May Revision Courses Are So Popular

We are seeing a surge in demand for our courses in May, for both GCSE and A Level students. While we believe this is partly due to students needing more help with exam techniques and grade challenges this year, here are the most common reasons mentioned by customers – do any of these sound familiar to you?


  • Son/daughter stressing that he/she is not going to be ready in time
  • Covered all the syllabus but struggling with past papers and exam technique
  • Not making much progress on own and worried that subject “X” taking up too much time
  • Attended fantastic Easter course and wants more!
  • Had nightmare with first exam paper and need to boost performance in second paper
  • Working hard but starting to lose momentum and needs a boost
  • Studying at home much harder than expected and needs help before its too late!
  • Needs more help but school not running any further revision courses/sessions
  • Starting to give up /lose confidence but needs good grades for Uni
  • Was sceptical about cost/benefit & time commitment – friends’ experience has changed our minds!

If you would like to benefit from a May Revision Course, do call our team on 01727 744340 or email [email protected]