GCSE & A Level – Your Results, Grade Appeal and Autumn Exams

Many Justin Craig customers have enquired about revision courses in preparation for autumn GCSE and A Level examinations for their children.

Ofqual have now published details about exam results and the next steps if you want to appeal your grades. To help you, we have highlighted some key points below.

How Are Predicted Grades Calculated?

Ofqual stated that “For GCSEs, AS and A levels your school or college sent the exam boards a centre assessment grade for you in each of your subjects, and a rank order of students in each subject. Exam boards standardised this information – making adjustments to grades where needed to bring consistency and accuracy to teacher judgements across all schools and colleges, and to make sure results are comparable with previous years.

Are Predicted Grades Important?

The arrangements for grading this summer will enable the majority of students to progress to the next stage of study or employment, and you may still be able to do this even if your grade isn’t what you wanted.”

Ofqual has confirmed changes to GCSEs, AS and A levels next year, following consultation; and published new proposals for adjustments to VTQs. These changes include content, fieldwork and topics.

For the full details on these, click here.

There is an Ofqual student guide to find out more about autumn exams.

Autumn Exams and Grade Appeal

Ofqual have published proposals giving an indication on the Autumn exam dates, with AS and A Levels planned for October, and GCSEs planned for November.

Ofqual advises:

“Our decisions (are) following consultation on the exceptional arrangements for awarding calculated grades in GCSEs, AS and A levels this summer; and proposals for an autumn exam series.

An important feature of the overall arrangements this summer is the planned additional exam series in the autumn, which will provide an opportunity for students unable to receive a calculated grade, and others who would like the opportunity to appeal their grade, to take an exam.”

Proposals include:

  • Exam boards to offer exams in all subjects, with the full suite of papers as per summer exams
  • AS and A Level exams should take place in October and GCSE exams in November
  • Exact timing to be confirmed by Ofqual
  • The extent of non-exam assessment (NEA) pre-20th March will vary by centre and subject
  • How far it will be possible for students to undertake new non-exam assessments in the autumn will also vary

Ofqual useful links:

GCSE & A Level Consultation Outcomes:


Link to Summer 2020 Qualification Explainer Tool: https://analytics.ofqual.gov.uk/

Ofqual’s process for awarding GCSEs and A-Levels in 2020 – Infographic

Preparing for GCSE and A-Level Autumn Exams

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