Student Review: A level Chemistry

About me

Hi! I’m Jess and I went on a three day A Level Chemistry residential course during Easter. Now I’m at Leeds University studying Business Analytics; three months in and I couldn’t be happier! I studied Maths, Chemistry and Physics at A level. In Year 13, I realised I needed extra help to get the A grades I needed for my degree subject. I explored a few options – online and 1-1 tutoring, and subscriptions to online materials – before coming across Justin Craig. The reviews online were great and they ran in my local area so I decided to book myself on. I really liked the way the course is tailored to each student; we filled out a form with the topics we wanted to prioritise and had a timetable emailed back to us a few days before the course, so we knew exactly what we would be covering and when. Being able to prepare in advance made the lessons even more productive. My tutor was incredible, and really made the difference between a boring, school type environment and an atmosphere which I genuinely loved working in.

I chose Justin Craig for the immersive nature of the courses

My course was in the last holidays before my final exams, so I didn’t have much time to waste. As much as the idea terrified me, I knew three full days of revision was going to give me the best chance of improving my grade quickly. I’m also really easily distracted and struggle to commit to revising when left to my own devices, so the structure of the days really appealed to me. Everyone I spoke to worked harder than they were used to – but enjoyed it. I really got into the mindset of working hard towards all my exams; I was motivated so much more in all my subjects from then on. The revision time I’d thought I was missing out on was more than made up for by the study techniques I learned across the board.

I made huge progress in my A level chemistry

I was really worried about my chemistry grade with exam season nearing – I needed an A to study my dream course at Uni and was achieving Cs in my mock exams. My confidence was seriously lacking, and I doubted my ability to make enough progress in such a short space of time. What set my tutor apart from most teachers I’ve had was that he pushed us to believe in ourselves as much as he did academically – I genuinely think that made all the difference for me. As for the chemistry itself, it was taught in a way which not only helped me to understand more than ever before; I also started enjoying it (this was pretty much a miracle for me). I achieved an A in my A level, and I accredit that to Mike whenever anyone asks.

The course was way more informal than I thought

Immediately I was surprised at the laid-back atmosphere of the course. The tutors were so friendly and made a really relaxed environment which felt much better than school. Being an A level student, I was given a surprising amount of freedom – we were allowed off site in the evenings until 10pm. The course assistants were like friends, but also supported us with any issues we had. I really enjoyed the residential aspect because I got to know people really well – I made great friends who I still keep in touch with 9 months later!

The structure of the classes made for a great learning environment

Going into the course I wasn’t looking forward to the seven-hour days one bit… but believe it or not – once I got into it, I couldn’t get enough! The days were broken up with frequent breaks, so I never got tired or bored. My tutor was really great at knowing when to switch up the work: lessons, discussions and practice questions all helped me to really grasp the concepts and exam techniques I needed. The small class was really beneficial because our tutor got to know our individual strengths and weaknesses and the lessons were tailored to our needs.

No matter who you are, you will benefit from a Justin Craig course

I highly recommend Justin Craig to anyone looking to step up their grades! Although I improved a huge amount in just three days, it wasn’t just a quick fix. The teaching methods made everything I learned stick with me and the confidence boost saw me through exams and out the other side. I saw the same with students studying all subjects at GCSE and A level – everyone I spoke to loved their course and felt much better prepared for their exams. I even enjoyed the atmosphere so much that I’m coming back this year as a course assistant. The worthiest investment I’ve made in my education thus far – I just wish I’d known about JCE sooner!