GCSE Biology Revision Courses and Tuition

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GCSE Biology Revision Course Outline

Revision courses from Justin Craig provide effective learning for GCSE biology students, free from distractions and in a supportive environment. They’re an excellent way to prepare for forthcoming GCSE biology combined or GCSE biology triple exams.

Each revision course involves a small group of no more than nine students, allowing ideas to be shared effectively and giving everyone the chance to raise questions with the expert tutor. The Course is tailored to fit the needs of the students on that course, however, each biology revision course is highly structured, ensuring students use the available time as effectively as possible.

GCSE Biology Topics

GCSE biology revision courses typically cover these areas:

  • Cells
  • Processes
  • Tissues
  • Organs and organ systems
  • Ecosystems
  • Biotechnology
  • Social issues

We help students identify knowledge gaps or areas where they lack confidence in GCSE biology. We aim to build on what they know, helping improve data analysis and comprehension skills.

Most of our expert GCSE biology tutors are also examiners. With an excellent understanding of what GCSE biology exams require from students, our examiners will cover good exam technique, showing students how to understand what questions are really asking, and providing strategies to help them cope with tricky biology questions, even when under pressure.

Our GCSE biology revision courses encompass a number of different revision techniques, usually shifting from tutor-led to student-led activities as the revision course progresses. Techniques can include:

  • Past papers: as part of their GCSE biology revision course, students may work through biology past papers, both independently and as part of a group.
  • Descriptive sessions: in these collaborative GCSE biology revision sessions, students study resources and then discuss and describe topics in full.
  • Teacher’s notes: the expert GCSE biology tutor presents a revision topic in full. This technique is usually used if students have not covered the basic topic.
  • Full teaching: the biology tutor spends some time teaching, aiming to spark a group discussion in order to determine the level of knowledge among students.

Our GCSE biology revision courses place a heavy emphasis on group work. In over 40 years of experience, we have repeatedly shown this is one of the most effective ways for students to learn key knowledge and exam technique.

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