How Our Courses Work


We offer a comprehensive range of tuition and revision courses for Year 10 -13 IGCSE, GCSE and A Level students. For the full list of subjects currently available, please select the appropriate level:

IGCSE/GCSE (including courses for Year 10 and retake students)

A Level (including courses for Year 12 and retake students)

If you cannot see the subject you are seeking, please contact us as we do add courses in response to customer demand.

How Our Courses Work

Our top priority is ensuring students receive high quality tuition, which meets their individual needs. Unlike other companies providing revision courses, we do not follow a standard structure and each course is bespoke to the students attending that course. By requesting information in advance of the course on the topics and skills that students wish to cover, our tutors are able to structure the course around their needs and optimise the student’s revision time.

Although each course is bespoke, there are some elements that are common across all courses and some subjects that require a slightly different approach. For example, at GCSE, mixed exam boards are used when there is a significant overlap between content which allows students to maximise their subject options at the same revision venue. In contrast, the majority of our A Level courses are exam board specific.

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How Our Courses Work


All our courses, with the exception of May Day Weekend, Pre Exam & Summer School, courses are now 2 or 3 days to ensure students are fully prepared for the challenges and greater rigour of GCSEs and A Levels following the 2015 education reforms.

All Justin Craig courses will involve:

  • Tuition from experienced, fully qualified subject experts
  • Teaching and practice of exam technique
  • Stimulating and inclusive study environment, free from distractions
  • A variety of engaging learning and memory techniques
  • Focused revision on the most common exam topics

Students attending multiple courses may notice a difference in approach depending on the subject/level. This is due, in part, to the nature of the subject but also reflects the recent educational reforms. For example:

Maths:  With the increase in content volume and complexity plus greater emphasis on problem-solving and mathematical reasoning, our courses cover all the areas which students find challenging, especially algebra, with particular emphasis given to the transference of these skills to questions asked in unfamiliar contexts. The more rigorous approach needed for students to secure the highest grades is fundamental to our courses.

Science: As a result of key changes arising from the educational reforms for both GCSE and A level students (eg increased maths content, “harder” GCSE content and, for A level, greater emphasis on “levelled questions” and inclusion of practical questions in formal examinations), our student led courses boost content and exam technique expertise, including areas that students frequently find challenging (eg extended practical response questions) together with a clear and detailed breakdown of every topic.

English: Due to the broad range of texts covered and the changing demands arising from the educational reforms, our English courses focus on the key skills, techniques and information required to optimise exam performance. For example, in the new curriculum skills relating to inference, deduction and fluent writing using evidence from the texts has become much more important.

History: With an even broader time period being covered by students and a greater emphasis on exams rather than coursework, the importance of key skills and techniques is now even more important. Our history courses are structured with this in mind. In addition to essay planning, writing and presentation skills, our courses also include elements on the evaluation of sources and evaluation of historians’ interpretations to help with the increased demands of the new curriculum.

Please note our courses have an upper age limit of 19. This allows the best working environment for our students.

For more information on Justin Craig group tutoring and revision, please speak to one of our expert advisors by calling 01727 744340 or email us.