GCSE Maths Revision Revision Courses and Tuition

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GCSE Maths Revision Course Outline

Our GCSE Maths and iGCSE Maths revision courses aim to give you confidence in applying your mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding to help you get the best results in your maths exam. We offer:

  • GCSE and iGCSE Foundation tier/1-4 grade Maths revision
  • GCSE and iGCSE Higher tier/4-9 grade Maths revision

During our maths revision course you will take part in a range of activities, from tutor-led activities to student-led work. The revision will take account of your predicted and target grades to provide a setting that promotes confidence and challenge. We also use past questions from a number of the key exam boards including AQA, OCR and EdExcel to inform our GCSE Maths studies revision courses.

GCSE Maths Topics

The course will focus on the topics that you want to revise and those that commonly cause students difficulty, from the following topic areas:

  • Number: Multiples, Factors, Prime numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Rounding numbers, Estimating, Surds.
  • Algebra: Algebra basics, Powers and Roots, Multiplying out brackets, Factorising, Solving equations, Rearranging formulas, Factorising quadratics, Completing the square, Algebraic fractions, Sequences, Inequalities, Graphic inequalities, Iterative methods, Simultaneous equations, Proof, Functions.
  • Graphs: Straight lines, Gradients, Intercepts, Coordinates and ratio, Parallel and perpendicular lines, Quadratic graphs, Solving equations using graphs, Graph transformations, Real-life graphs.
  • Ratio proportion & rates of change: Ratios, Direct and inverse proportion, Percentages, Compound growth and decay, Unit conversions, Speed, Density, Pressure.
  • Geometry & measures: Angles, Parallel lines, Polygons, Triangles and quadrilaterals, Circle geometry, Congruent shapes, The four transformations, Area and perimeter, 3D shapes, Enlargements and projections, Loci and construction, Bearings, Measures, Pythagoras’ theorem, Trigonometry, The Sine and Cosine rules, Vectors.
  • Statistics & probability: Probability basics, Counting outcomes, Probability experiments, The AND/OR rules, Tree diagrams, Conditional probability, Sets and Venn diagrams, Sampling and bias, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Frequency tables, Box plots, Histograms, Time series, Scatter graphs, Comparing data sets.

All our tutors are experienced and qualified teachers and most are examiners which means they have an excellent insight into what the exams actually ask of students. Chosen for their enthusiasm and empathy, they also have an in-depth knowledge of the entire subject area.

Not only will our tutors review fundamental subject areas and focus on topics that cause the most problems, but they’ll also give students exam technique tips and tricks. Course activities can include:

  • Past papers: students may work through previous GCSE Maths and iGCSE Maths papers, both independently and as part of the revision group.
  • Descriptive sessions: students study Maths resources and then discuss and describe topics in full.
  • Teacher’s notes: if students require grounding in fundamental areas of GCSE and iGCSE Maths, the tutor may present a subject in full.
  • Full teaching: this mix of stimulating group discussion and teaching is an excellent way to consolidate and expand knowledge.

Book GCSE Maths Revision Courses and Tuition

If you’re ready to book a GCSE Maths revision course, please call one of our Course Advisors on 01727 744340 or email [email protected]. We’ll be happy to discuss the options and find a course that fits your requirements.