A Level Law Revision Courses and Tuition

gavel and scales of justice in front of legal books
If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.
Winston Churchill

A Level Law Course Outline

We’ll help you to:

  • Gain confidence in demonstrating your legal knowledge
  • Improve your understanding of the legal system
  • Evaluate how the legal system performs and operates
  • Analyse, evaluate and demonstrate legal theory

A Level Law Topics

We’ll give you specific advice in key areas to help with your A Level Law course. The exact topics will be chosen according to your needs, but we often cover these areas:

  • Principles of criminal liability
  • Principles of liability in negligence
  • The courts: procedure, sentencing and damages
  • Murder, manslaughter and offence against the person
  • Contract terms, discharge and remedy of a contract
  • Theft and robbery, burglary, fraud and making off without payment
  • Criminal damage and defences
  • Negligence, occupiers’ liability, nuisance, vicarious liability

On this A Level Law revision course you will review relevant past papers (with plenty of feedback and guidance). We will discuss and examine questions and answers, explore examiners’ reports and approach each topic in a structured way – leaving you certain that you really ‘get it’!

Book A Level Law Revision Courses and Tuition

Because we tailor each course to fit the needs of the students on that course, there is no standard lesson plan. The information on this page is a guide only.

To register your interest or book, please call one of our Course Advisors on 01727 744340 or email [email protected]