GCSE Physics Revision Courses and Tuition

atom graphic with moving particles

GCSE Physics Revision Course Outline

Our revision courses help students prepare for their GCSE Physics and iGCSE Physics exams, giving students the knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their maximum potential.

We offer the choice of GCSE and iGCSE Physics revision courses below:

  • Separate (Triple) GCSE/iGCSE Physics revision
  • Combined Science GCSE/iGCSE Physics revision

Our GCSE/iGCSE physics revision courses involve small groups of no more than nine students, giving everyone the opportunity to have their queries answered by our expert physics tutor and enabling students to share ideas, discuss problems with their peers and learn from each other, on an equal basis.

GCSE Physics Course Topics

Our revision courses are largely focussed on the topics that individual students struggle with, in the following specific areas:

  • Atomic structure (inc. isotopes, radioactivity, nuclear fusion)
  • Energy (inc. kinetic energy, energy transfer, conservation)
  • Particle model (inc. thermal energy, latent heat, pressure of gas)
  • Electricity and circuits (inc. currents, potential difference, fields, static)
  • Magnetism (inc. electromagnetic induction, fields, motors)
  • Motion and forces (inc. gravity, elasticity, momentum)
  • Waves (inc. sound, vibration, ultrasound)
  • Light and electromagnetic spectrum (inc. reflection, refraction, lenses)
  • Astronomy (inc. solar system, stars, satellites, red-shift)

All our tutors are experienced and qualified teachers and most are examiners, which means they have an excellent insight into what the exams actually ask of students. Chosen for their enthusiasm and empathy, they also have an in-depth knowledge of the entire subject area.

Not only will our tutors review fundamental subject areas and focus on topics that cause the most problems, but they’ll also give students exam technique tips and tricks. Course activities can include:

  • Past papers: students may work through previous GCSE Physics and iGCSE Physics papers, both independently and as part of the revision group.
  • Descriptive sessions: students study physics resources and then discuss and describe topics in full.
  • Teacher’s notes: if students require grounding in fundamental areas of GCSE and iGCSE physics, the tutor may present a subject in full.
  • Full teaching: this mix of stimulating group discussion and teaching is an excellent way to consolidate and expand knowledge.

Book GCSE Physics Revision Courses and Tuition

If you’re ready to book a GCSE Physics revision course, please call one of our Course Advisors on 01727 744340 or email [email protected]. We’ll be happy to discuss the options and find a course that fits your requirements.