GCSE Media Studies Revision Courses and Tuition


GCSE Media Studies Revision Course Outline

Our GCSE Media Studies revision course helps you improve your skills, so you get the best results in your media studies exam.

Media Studies encourages the development of critical understanding of the impact of mass media and its technologies on contemporary society. During our GCSE Media Studies revision course you will take part in a range of activities, from tutor-led activities to student-led work. You will cover all key areas of the subject, focusing on those in which you feel you need most help.

GCSE Media Studies Topics

Students will cover skills and techniques to help with revision and exam preparation.

  • Developing enquiry, critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Developing an appreciation and critical understanding of the media
  • Discussion about preferred learning styles – e.g. groups, pairs or individuals
  • Topics divided to fit the time available

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